We are here
to serve you
Because we believe health
care isn’t a luxury
Top quality care
accessible to everyone
Your convenience,
our care
Visit our Location

Shop No 2c, Plot 8C Ground Floor, Sunset Lane 9, Phase 2 EXT.DHA, Karachi

Times Convenient For You

From 10:30 am - 9 pm. Our Doctors are available in the morning and evening to better suit your schedule.

Treatment Within Reach

One clinic for every neighborhood.

Less With Time

Every patient receives attention from one of our staff members at the earliest.

Qualified Staff

Our Doctors are trained with a special focus on women’s and children’s health.

Female Doctors

We have female Doctors at Clinic5 so you feel safe and comfortable discussing problems with them.

What Our Clients Say

Saram Bokhari

It is a nice clean clinic with courteous staff. I took my wife there for an examination. It was professional with good Drs. I highly recommend this place for initial diagnosis.

Huma Altaf Hussain

Highly recommended clinic. Doctors and staff are just so cooperative.

Sarah Emmanuel

Had a chance to visit Clinic5 today. Through very professional staff, I was treated at a minimal cost with high quality service.

Saamia R. Malik

It was wonderful meeting with Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa. I'm impressed how Clinic5 is moving towards a new vision for healthcare and absolutely providing best quality care to women and children.

Tazeen Bari

Happy to receive treatment at Clinic5.

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