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Pakistan’s healthcare problems are numerous. When we look at the average citizen seeking healthcare he or she is faced with few options, the quality options are beyond the budget of the average Pakistani while the affordable ones typically do not offer great quality. The patient self-medicates, pays excessive amounts for good quality care in a private setup or waits in long lines at government run OPDs.

Clinic5 was created as a solution to these problems. The idea is simple, we provide quality care at a cost that the average Pakistani can afford.

Every woman and child should receive quality healthcare that is affordable.

Establish clinics for women and children across all tier 1 and tier 2 cities of Pakistan, which offer quality services, at an affordable price.

  1. Bridge the gap between tertiary care centers and private clinics.
  2. Reduce the burden of disease over all by providing primary care in communities we serve.
  3. The quality and affordability is always monitored.
  4. Patients are given time and medical attention, and counseling is an integral component of the care pathway.

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